Sweden’s Conceptual Fashion

Over the past decade, a host of conceptual Swedish ready-to-wear labels have spread around the globe.
wesc feb10Driven by the image of the brand rather than by an actual designer or dominant aesthetic, the companies have achieved international success so quickly, and so unexpectedly, that Swedes themselves have taken to calling the phenomenon “Det svenska modeundret”—the Swedish fashion wonder.
Defying a Swedish identity from their earliest phases, these labels aren’t always recognized as coming from Sweden, even by some of their most loyal customers. “We wanted to be neutral in a way,” says Jonny Johannson, co-founder and creative director of Stockholm’s Acne label, looking back on the brand’s beginnings in the 1990s.
And like Acne, many of the other Swedish brands tend to view the making of clothes as only one way of makingodd molly feb10 themselves known. So the new wave of Swedish fashion may not seem all that Swedish, and fashion, over the long run, may have less and less to do with it. But it still looks like a retail wonder.

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Source. Wall Street Journal, 27 February 2010

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