Strategy execution – The scary statistics

Those of you who follow my blog are well aware of the difficulties in quickly enough transform adopted strategies to concrete activities. And that despite the fact that just a quick strategy implementation is a key to success in today’s competitive market.

Here is some additional information that reinforces my belief that most companies have a great potential in developing this work:

Most organizations suffer a major disconnect between strategy formulation and its execution.
And while it’s more pronounced in larger enterprises because of complexity, smaller organizations need to make sure they do something (anything!) to remove the barriers to execution.

Unfortunately, the research doesn’t bode well for most of us. Consider the following:
– 90% of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution.
– 60% of typical organizations do not link their strategic priorities to their budget.
– Two-thirds of HR and IT organizations develop strategic plans that are not linked to the organization’s strategy.
– 85% of leadership teams spend less than 1 hour per month discussing strategy.
– Only 27% of a typical company’s employees have access to its strategic plan.
– 70% of middle managers and more than 90% of front-line employees have compensation that is not linked to the strategy.
– Most devastating, 95% of employees do not understand their organization’s strategy.

BOTTOMLINE: Strategy must be managed explicitly, like any other major process in an organization. In most organizations, this process either does not exist or is incomplete. However, 70% of organizations that used a formal process to manage strategy out-performed their peers.

Source: Six Disciples, 5 March 2014
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