Smartphones the most-owned device in Nordic Region

In the Nordic countries combined—Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark—smartphones have surpassed laptops and TVs to become the most-owned device, according to February 2014 polling by Buzzador. However, when the study broke out ownership in each country, it found that smartphone usage in Finland lagged behind, with 82% of internet users in the country owning such a device, compared with at least nine in 10 in the other three countries.

Instead, respondents in Finland were more likely to own traditional media, such as televisions and radios, and nearly twice as likely as those from Sweden, Norway and Denmark to pick up old-school cellphones to make calls.

CellpNo matter their ownership levels, smartphone users across the Nordic countries showed similar frequency of usage. An average 58% of smartphone owners in the region had their device within reach at least 20 hours per day, with 57% in Sweden, 60% in Norway, 58% in Finland and 59% in Denmark saying so.

Around eight in 10 internet users in the Nordic countries reported using social media at least daily—and smartphones played a huge part in that, with around three-quarters of consumers in Sweden (77%), Norway (76%) and Denmark (74%) saying they had used their smartphones on the day of polling to access social media—the most popular response in each country.

Once again, Finland trailed, with respondents preferring computers to log on to social, cited by 75%; however, nearly two-thirds did report using a smartphone to access social networks, and Buzzador noted that as smartphone ownership in Finland rises, logging on to social via such devices should also catch up to the other Nordic countries.

Despite smartphones seeing higher ownership levels than more traditional devices in the Nordic region as a whole, as well as high social media usage, internet users in the region were still far more likely to trust traditional advertising. Around one-third said they trusted ads on mobile phones, and three in 10 said the same for those on social networks. In comparison, 71% trusted ads in newspapers, 68% trusted magazine ads and around three in five trusted ads on TV or the radio.

Source:, 15 May 2014

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