Gen X most willing to splash the cash on digital purchases

Digital shopping and buying is the norm in the UK. eMarketer’s latest estimates indicate that 88.6% of UK internet users ages 14 and up will make at least one digital purchase in 2015. But some spend more than others.
According to July 2015 research by Vanson Bourne for ecommerce solutions provider Tryzens, the average monthly spend on digital purchases was highest among 26-to-45-year-old digital buyers, at £728 ($1,199).
digital shopping
The age breakouts used in this piece of research spanned different generational cohorts, with the 26-to-45 span taking in a small portion of millennials—usually analogous with the 18-to-34 split—as well as a larger portion of the Gen X age group. However, further research, from the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) supported the idea that Gen Xers were indeed the biggest digital spenders in Great Britain. It found that the largest proportion of digital buyers spending over £2,000 ($3,293) on digital purchases in the past three months as of April 2015 came from the 35-to-44-year-old age group—18%.

The study went on to detail some of the products and services being purchased digitally by the various age groups. Tellingly, larger proportions of Gen Xers had professed to buying big-ticket items like holiday accommodation and home furnishings. Consumers in this age group clearly like to spend online, and spend big at that. – See more at:


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