15 reasons for being absent from a Swedish meeting

1. Pia vabbar: she is at home taking care of her sick kids.

2. Lars vobbar: he is at home with sick kids but still answers mails.

3. Camilla voffar: she is at home with her sick dog.

4. Anita arbetar hemifrån: she works hard but nobody has actually seen her do it very often.

5. Stefan is late because of the unexpected snow in November. It’s called snökaos.

6. Lena only works 75% of the time.

7. Angelika is on permanent maternity leave. Nobody has seen her for the past three and a half years.

8. Bertil is on a course. It’s called Processhantering. There is a process for everything so someone has to learn how to deal with them all.

9. Hassan has been stuck on a non-moving train between a suburb and Stockholm Central for four hours. It’s called stopp i trafiken.

10. Lena from Logistics is away and according to rumour she has outsourced herself to a Baltic state.

11. Sverker is in another meeting. He has many balls in the air. It’s called många bollar i luften.

12. Tomas has utmattningsdepression: he is stressed out and has walked into the wall. (It’s a Swedish thing).

13. This is Carina’s week with kids from marriages 1 and 2 and her ex-mother-in-law from relationship 3. It’s called varannan vecka.

14. Stig is at the monthly meeting of the local Restless Legs Förbundet (society). Swedes often meet up to share suffering.

15. Sten was last heard of on Twitter at 2.20 this morning with an update from Tallinn.

(And in spite of all this, and all the meetings they actually do attend, they are still the most efficient people on earth. Love ’em.)

Source: Linkedin.com, December 2017
By: Collin Moon
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– 15 things overheard at a Swedish meeting
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