33% of Mobile Phone Owners Would Pick Up Calls During Sex [STUDY]

One in three mobile phone owners believe it is acceptable to answer the phone while having sex, a new study suggests.

New research collected by British-based mobile company Vodafone — which conducted a study among 2,000 British adults — found that mobile phones continue to infiltrate some of our most intimate moments, making it harder to power down and truly enjoy the present time.

The study revealed that 33% respondents would pick up the phone to either answer a call during sex. In addition, 51% said it’s OK to do so at a wedding and 54% said it is acceptable to pick up while out to dinner. About 57% said they would pick up a call while going to the bathroom.

The report also found that most mobile phone owners have between one and 50 numbers in their contacts but only speak to about five to 10 of those on a regular basis. Some 80% of respondents said they have numbers in their phone that they have never called and probably never will. Another recent study by Verifone piggybacks these findings, reporting 40% believe talking on the phone is a dying art form.

So what does this mean? Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before people start ignoring calls during sex … and opt to check their text messages instead.

Source: Mashable.com, September 25, 2012

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